Oconee Painting
Serving Athens, Watkinsville and surrounding counties since 1998.
There are many different processes to painting various surfaces. The #1 cause of paint deterioration on a home is the lack of bonding. When dirt, mold, rust, old paint, loose paint, wet caulk and many other surfaces are painted over, the paint will eventually peel.  It is pointless to even prime those surfaces if they are not properly prepared.  

On the other end of the spectrum, some painters prime walls because of deep colors. Primer is sometimes extremely important and other times it is a waste of effort and your hard earned money!  When bonding is not an issue, it is often wise to use an additional coat of finish paint rather than using primer.

When you hire us to paint for you, this is what we do.

1. Come evaluate the property and give an estimate.

2. Discuss the different options you have available based on the surfaces we are painting.

3a. (Exterior) If we are painting outside, we will go over your entire home, and start scraping, pre-sanding, and pressure washing. Once we have finished all of the above, we will use exterior primer before we patch and caulk to improve bonding.

3b. (Interior) We will remove all switch plates, patch holes and prime or spot prime trouble areas. Trouble areas are grease splatter, water stains, crayon, body oils, animal stains, sticker residue, marker etc.

4. Once we are sure that all troubled areas are primed and patched, we will spot prime over all patched areas. Patch is very flat and absorbant. Eggshell and Satin paints will show patch marks unless it is spot primed.

5. We verify that all paint is correct.  We box all of the paint together, so there are no color miscues.  We cut in our first coat of finish wall-body paint. Secondly we roll or spray (exterior option) our first coat of paint, followed by our second cut in coat and then we apply our final finish wall coat. 

6. When all walls and body are complete, we move to trim and ceilings. Depending on surface, color and sheen, we apply one or two coats of finish paint.

Our Way
Do's and Don'ts of Painting

1. Don't paint latex paint over oil paint. I don't care if one million people tell you it is ok.

2. Don't prime water stains, smoke, ink etc with latex primer. 

3. Use Satin rollercovers with Satin paints or you will get fibers stuck to your wall.

4. Use high quality caulk for exterior surfaces!

5. Your paint jobs should create a solid shell around the paint jobs you are painting.

6. While we will use any paint manufacturer, Benjamin Moore Paints is best.